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Why do Punters Prefer CS:GO To All Other Games

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or simply CS:GO, is one of the hottest multiplayer, first-person shooting games today. Already the fourth installment of the franchise, this game continues to attract young and old players and punters worldwide.

In the world of eSports gambling, CS:GO betting represents the largest chunk. You’ll find daily betting predictions and tips available online as well as millions of dollars wagered each month. And whilst other games come and go, the Counter-Strike name has remained alive and active for now over two decades.

CS:GO Is Very Sports-Like

CS:GO matches are simple events that pit one team against another. This is just like any other popular sporting event that most punters bet on, including rugby, hockey, and football. Regular events are announced online in major CS:GO online arenas and pages.

These tournaments are open for a limited or unlimited number of groups, and anyone can register as long as the registration period is open. Players assemble teams to play in these tournaments. Official betting starts as soon as the teams are announced.

The Counter-Strike Franchise Has Been Popular For Years

Counter-Strike was a top-rated franchise despite its initial release almost a decade ago. It continues to grow in popularity with CS:GO the most well-known in the series. When it was initially released in 2012, it was only available through Windows, Mac, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Now, it is played more than ever as the latest installment features new maps, weapons, game modes, and characters.

Because of CS:GO's popularity, punters know and play the game and are more comfortable betting on related markets.

CS:GO Is Not a Hype

CS:GO is widely popular and continues to be one of the most solid markets in eSports betting. Experienced punters bet on SC:GO more than other games as they already understand the gameplay. They don't want to waste time learning and betting on something that's just going to be hype for a few months or a few years.

In fact, Statista has cited CS:GO has reached its peak player numbers in Steam from 2016 to 2021. The multiplayer game has reached more than a million concurrent players on the platform, with a sharp increase in players because of the COVID-19 pandemic. CS remains strong, with more than 24 million active users a month as of February 2020. This figure is more than twice the number of followers from May 2016.

Item & Skin Betting Are Huge

SC:GO betting markets continue to grow. Aside from betting on the outright winner of the event as well as the top three teams and top players, item and skin betting are a craze. Item and skin betting is using virtual items like weapons, goods, and skins as currency.

For instance, you want to bet on a tournament between Team A and Team B, and you put your money on Team B winning. But instead of betting money, you bet on your P20 submachine gun in Sand Spray skin. A very rare item and is worth a lot in CS:GO. Skin betting is very common but is condemned by some eSports betting sites as it breaches their terms of service.

Skins in CS:GO do not affect gameplay but are worth a fortune. Some skins are worth around $5,000 or more! CS:GO skins are available in cases and can be applied for any type of weapon, just like AWP knife skins that vary in color and exterior quality.

Massive Community

CS:GO betting continues to grow because of the game's overwhelming number of fans, players, and groups online. Sites like Reddit, Discord, Twitch, Facebook, and Twitter have seen a massive increase of CS:GO fans and groups. These members share information, tournament results, merchandise, game schedules, videos, and anything related to the game.

Meanwhile, blogs and online forums related to CS:GO focus on gameplay, how to trade skins and items, results of the latest games and tournaments, updates on the latest game releases and patches, and many more. Because of the awesome player base and its massive success for the past years, experts predict that CS:GO won't be like other fad games and will likely stay.

CS:GO has crossed the one million mark in March 2020 with a rise in the number of players from April 2016 until December 2019 with a rise of 27 percent in players. Of course, betting for CS:GO has also increased as the number of players and tournaments dramatically increased last year.

CS:GO continues to attract more players and punters with the possibility of winning big, especially in item and skin betting. However, not all betting sites accept skin betting. You may turn to betting sites specializing in skin betting to connect to fellow punters who support this market. And just like traditional betting, learn more about the different teams in various tournaments.

Always check previous wins and losses. CS:GO betting can be a profitable market if you study your bets right and don’t rush betting on different markets.

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