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Quitting a CS:GO match – how to do it properly?

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Quitting some multiplayer games is not as easy as it might seem – especially due to the fact that some of the games are highly competitive or depend on strict teamwork. One of such games is CS:GO, where quitting a match in the wrong way may result in getting a severe ban. But there is a trick that will lower the risks of that happening. It’s basically kicking yourself out of the game. Below, you’ll find out how to properly quit CS:GO.

How was quitting a match done in the past?

Some time ago Valve came up with quite a clever idea for filling the empty space of a player who has just left the game. In the past, if someone had to quit, his place was automatically taken by a bot. Of course, those bots did not represent the quality of gameplay which is associated with human behavior. That’s why if another player from the same team was killed during a game, he could take control over the bot until death or respawn. This sometimes even led to toxic behaviour where the team would kick the worst player and “replace” them with a bot to be taken by one of the better players.

Due to technical issues, this feature was cut from the game some time ago. Nowadays, if a player leaves a game, his team must continue the match until the end – with limited forces, of course. Valve has clearly put more responsibility on the players. This is especially problematic with respect to the Glicko-2 ranking system used in the game. Some players have worked their way around it by learning how to kick yourself in CSGO (more about that later). Now, let’s look into one of the practices used by some players to quit a CS:GO game. Admittedly, it is quite irresponsible, to put it mildly. 

Being a jerk does not solve any problems

Let’s agree on one notion: teamkilling is a bad thing. Not only does it undermine trust within the team, but it also severely reduces the chances of winning. Valve knows about this problem very well, and that’s why there is an official ban system for teamkilling. If you kill three teammates during a game, you get kicked out and banned for 30 minutes. If you continue to do so when the first ban expires, you get a second one – but for a longer period of time. Although technically, it is an effective method of quitting a CS:GO match, it’s not recommended – for obvious reasons.


An ingenious solution – starting a self-kick vote

If you kill your teammates, the result is a temporary ban. But if your team votes for you being kicked out, you don’t lose your game rank. That’s why players have come up with the idea of how to kick yourself in CSGO – with just a little help from benevolent teammates, you don’t have to endure the pain of a 30-minute ban.

To do this, the console is necessary. It can be enabled in the Options menu. Once you do this, open the console with the tilde key. Type the command status and press the Enter key. What you see on the screen now is a lot of technical information about the game you’re in. Look for the players list. It’s easy to notice that before each player’s nickname, there is a number assigned to it. These are the individual players’ IDs.

You need this information to start the votekick. Memorize your ID, and type the following command. Replace the X with your ID:

callvote kick X

Now, the whole team can vote on kicking you out. Of course, this solution is not perfect. First of all, many players tend to ignore it and just continue on with the game. This is a clear signal for the player who issued the vote – it’s better to stay in the game and lose than to retreat and worsen your team’s situation.

Secondly, there are also some technical limits to this method. Don’t think you can use it without any restrictions. Remember – Valve always thinks of everything.

The so-called “cooldowns” or softbans

Now that you know how to kick yourself in CSGO, it’s good to remember about the limits of this method. If you use it too often, you get punished with a ”cooldown” which prevents you from playing competitive matches for a certain period of time. There are 4 levels of these “softbans”, as players call them. They may last for 30 mins, 2 hours, 24 hours or a full week of restrictions from the game.

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