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CS:GOPedia/Blog/Guides/Playstation network cards - all you need to know

Playstation network cards - all you need to know

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PSN cards are a perfect solution if you're not sure what kind of gift to offer a PS fan. If you're wondering how do they work and where to buy them, you'll find answers in our article.

The selection of video games nowadays is so broad that the person who is not well-oriented in the gaming world may find it challenging to choose the perfect one. Particularly if you are searching for a gift for one of these devoted PS gamers that spend all the free time playing. In this case, it won't be easy to offer something that they don't have yet! Fortunately, there is a solution - PlayStation Network cards. 

By investing in them, you can make even the most advanced gamers happy! They'll be more than pleased to choose what to play next! Aside from video games, they can also access other PS content, from add-ons to films. There is a lot of 

PSN cards - how do they work?

The Playstation Network Card is a voucher that allows you to add funds to the PSN store wallet. In the store, you can access PlayStation content - from games to add-ons, credits and films, just to name a few. You can play them on multiple devices of your choice.

Playstation Network Cards are perfect for a gift. Some PS fans use them to charge up their accounts without using the credit card. After paying for your purchase, you will receive the code ready to be activated in the store.  

How to activate the PSN card?

The code to activate in the PlayStation Network after the purchase should contain twelve digits. Note that the discount codes have ten instead of twelve.

To exchange a PSN card for funds, you should visit PlayStation Store and select the "redeem codes" option from the slide-down menu. Then enter the code and verify if the credit has already appeared on your account. It's as easy as that!

You should be aware that there are some limitations when using PSN cards. For instance, the voucher code cannot be from any different region than your account. That's significant information for those who buy cards for gamers living abroad. It's also worth noting that the funds cannot be transferred between the PSN accounts.

Where to buy PSN cards?

There are many providers available on the market. The prices can vary significantly, so make sure you choose the best offer available! All you need to remember is to have the regional restrictions in mind when purchasing the PSN cards.

Is PlayStation not really your gamer's thing? If you're searching for a gift for the fan of Xbox, Steam, or Nintendo, worry not - there are cards available for them too!


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