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Top 10 Incredible Moments Made in CS:GO Tournaments

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Howdy CS:GO fans! We continue introducing you to the Counter-Strike:Global Offensive pro scene. Today we’ll tell you about the top ten most impressive and incredible moments through the whole history of the CS:GO game. It is quite possible that little-known players may also have some awesome in-game moments, but we decided to show you the best highlights made by famous professional players!

Nikola “NiKo” Kovač vs FaZe Clan on de_cache

NiKo Faze

The excellent ace with the Desert Eagle handgun was shown by this CS:GO pro star from Bosnia! The moment took place at the prestigious American championship called ELEAGUE, i.e. at the LAN tournament, not the online one. Thanks to NiKo’s frags, his former team called Mousesports won a very important second round in the game for defense on de_cache. This moment became remarkable, as NiKo meanwhile skillfully polished off the players from his present team!

Marcelo “coldzera” David vs Liquid on de_mirage


The legendary moment was performed by coldzera who is the current star of the Brazilian team called SK and perhaps the best GS:GO shooter in the world. It is not just a nice highlight from a practice game, it is the brilliant kill of four frags from the leading American team  Liquid made by AWP in the MLG Columbus 2016 semifinal. The second and third frags were done while jumping and without aiming – it is far from easy to perform such a trick in CS:GO. The Valve company itself marked coldzera’s outstanding game by adorning that part of the map with a special graffiti. 

Mikhail “Dosia” Stolyarov vs Immortals on de_inferno

The only highlight from our top 10 list, where the protagonist didn’t do any frags, but still his actions impressed hundreds of thousands of viewers and were useful for his team. In the PGL Krakow Major final, Dosia, the pro player of Gambit Esports team, threw a HE grenade towards the players from the Brazilian team Immortals, who, having lost half of their lives, blew up a couple of seconds after, and lost their weapons. The death of two players in the pit spot undermined the terrorists’ economy, thus helping Gambit Esports confidently win the crucial third map!

Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovács vs mousesports on de_overpass


Having looked at the smart grenade from Dosia, let’s come back to the beautiful kill of frags. A bright moment from Natus Vincere versus mousesports battle at the ESL Pro League: GuardiaN polishes off the whole enemy's team in point B alone, killing “mice frags” with AWP. Meanwhile, Ladislav skillfully uses a pillar that covers one of his sides. It is remarkable that GuardiaN killed the last opponent with Desert Eagle. He rarely uses this handgun, but this time the stars were aligned!

Richard “shox” Papillon vs Selfless on de_cache


This is the first moment performed by the famous French player in our top 10 list but not the last one. shox is very good and experienced player who makes afraid each and every CS:GO team. Richard shoots perfectly not only with assault rifles, but also with handguns, thus he demonstrated his skills one more time in the match with the American team called Selfless Gaming on de_cache. The ace from shox deserves to be mentioned in our top 10 list!

Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev vs Fnatic on de_cache


One more moment on de_cache map,but this time from s1mple. Being the player of Liquid, Oleksandr won an important round for his team and killed two Fnatic players with AWP even without turning on the sight! It's worth to notice that Ukrainian CS:GO star killed the first opponent in mid-air, and such situation in game occurs very rarely. Moreover, this moment happened on the ESL One Cologne 2016, one of the largest tournaments of the last year.

Vincent “Happy” Schopenhauer vs TSM on de_inferno


It is perhaps one of the most entertaining moments in the CS:GO history! A Frenchman who is aptly nicknamed Happy, playingly polished off the Danish TSM (called Astralis now) in point B on de_inferno. Five frags with the Desert Eagle handgun, four of which are headshots! Impressive!  

Peter “dupreeh” Rothmann vs TSM on de_overpass


Let’s move to de_overpass map where dupreeh, Astralis player, nicely stifled FaZe Clan’s attack on point B by means of the Desert Eagle. The moment took place when the score was 11:9 to FaZe Clan, who had won the first map of the IEM Katowice 2017 grand final. Excellent headshots from the famous Danish pro player!

Markus “pronax” Wallsten vs Cloud9 on de_overpass


The funny moment from pronax took place in 2015 while playing for Fnatic team. The team was almost unbeatable then and won diverse rounds and matches. In the game against Cloud9 on de_overpass, this Swedish guy had planted the bomb, after which he ably threw a Molotov cocktail right into the area of the bomb, and Americans had to jump into the fire and try to win the round. They certainly failed, but many people still remember pronax’s masterful actions. By the way, Valve made the special graffiti, pictured on the nearby wall due to this episode.

Fnatic vs EnVyUs on de_dust2


Our top 10 list closes with the amusing moment performed by the Fnatic team. In the match vs EnVyUs team on de_dust2 map, the Swedish players decided not to let the opponents occupy point B and took four AWP at once. The main value of the highlight is not that they took 4 AWP (it happens sometimes if your team has a lot of money), but how apEX reacted – he clearly hadn’t expected to see four AWPers in his sight at once! Imagine what his first reaction was…



Rostislav Andersen Grubi

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