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CS:GOPedia/Blog/eSports/Five Best Captains in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Five Best Captains in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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In this article, we will discuss the role of a captain in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional team and you will get acquainted closer with the best in-game leaders on the present CS:GO professional platform. We will tell you about five famous captains, whose achievements and individual gameplay speak for themselves.  We will not make a top list and put them in first place till fifth and vice versa. Every leader has the different team and different conditions, so such top list may be very judgmental. Our top 5 list consists of the following captains: FalleN, Zeus, gla1ve, B1ad3 и ANGE1. Let’s start from the last one.  

Kirill "ANGE1" Karasiow (HellRaisers, Ukraine, 28 years old)

Kirill Karasiow is the permanent leader of the Ukrainian team, called HellRaisers, during the last several years. After playing as the basic player in Counter-Strike 1.6 for A-Gaming, DTS, forZe and range of other teams at the certain moment ANGE1 decided to demonstrate his leadership skills in the full extent and to become a captain. ANGE1 is the stickler of the aggressive game style, especially in defense. Kirill’s teams always try to play aggressively and unexpectedly, they like pushing their gameplay upon their opponents with permanent changes. Kirill also loves "bursting" behind the defense, waiting for the perfect moment at one map's point and kill several opponents, who even are not expecting for such aggression.  

Ange1 Hellraisers Captain

2016 year was rather successful for the team. HR did not set the Thames on fire, but, sometimes, they managed to compete some stronger teams.  For example, Kyiv on SL i-League witnessed that "Emerging from Hell" team took 3-4 place and it was very unexpectedly for many participants, as they competed North team in quarter–final.  Unfortunately, HellRaisers could not be on PGL Major Krakow, as they lost in the crucial quota match against Immortals, who later won the second place in Krakow. Such misfortune leads to the fact that a team was disintegrated, so STYKO went to Mousesports, and HR signed two young players called woxic and ISSAA. Now, Kirill Karasiow is trying to create the unique game style for the renewed team. Good luck to you, ANGE1!

Andrey "B1ad3" Gorodenskiy (FlipSid3 Tactics, Ukraine, 30 years old)

He is the second Ukrainian player in our Top list, however, the permanent leader of FlipSid3 Tactics has almost nothing in common with the captain mentioned above. B1ad3 is a stickler of different gameplay. Kirill Karasiow’s teams play aggressively and unexpectedly, but Andrey Gorodenskiy is the supporter of the slow and careful game style. FlipSid3 Tactics under his leadership plays in combat-wise CS:GO. The players know how to use grenades wisely and locations where to throw them, so they always play together and avoid chaos along with the strange movements in their actions. 

B1ad3 Flipsid captain

B1ad3 is also one of the captains who can achieve the highest results pursuant to the abilities of his players. You must admit that FlipSid3 might not possess the strongest individuals, but with Andrey's help, this team takes participation in CS:GO Major events and latest competitions on the regular basis and even fights for getting to a playoff. The disadvantages of Andrey may be his individual statistics. The FlipSid3's captain is not often seen in the crucial matches against the strongest world teams. Regarding the other aspects, B1ad3is considered to be one of the strongest CS:GO captains worldwide.

Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander (Astralis, Denmark, 22 years old)

The youngest captain in our Top 5 list is Lucas Rossander, the leader of team Astralis that possesses the second place in the world rating of the best CS:GO teams. When gla1ve joined the team Danes managed to take a quantum leap and to win ELEAGUE Major in Atlanta. Lukas is one of those captains, who can coordinate well and, at the same time, not to forget about the powerful and individual actions. Team Astralis is the powerful and rather stable team with the wide "map field" under the leadership of gla1ve.

gla1ve Astralis captain

But, of course, when you have such strong players as device, dupreeh, Magiskb0Y and Xyp9x «the Clutch King», it is much easier to achieve such results.  In his 22 years, Lukas is the experienced and remarkable player, so the long and successful career is definitely waiting for him. During the last five championships, Astralis is always in Top–4 list, and taking into consideration the present competition in CS:GO it is an outstanding result.  

Daniil "Zeus" Teslenko (Natus Vincere, Ukraine, 29 years old)

Daniil Teslenko is the living legend of eSports and professional Counter-Strike. A Kharkiv citizen is one of the rare players, who won world championships both in Counter-Strike 1.6 and in Counter-Strike:Global Offensive. The remarkable fact is that one of the Na`Vi creators has taken the win in CS:GO Major being not in the Natus Vincere team, but playing for Gambit Gaming. It is not a secret for anyone that Zeus possesses very strong leadership traits and he can bring his teams to the victory in the international championships. In 2016, he was dirtily kicked from Na`Vi and went to the average team Gambit in accordance with world standards. One might not believe but the team started sparkling!

Zeus Navi captain

Daniil has been playing professionally in Counter-Strike since 2004. He perfectly understands when his team needs a moral support or when they must change its speed and start playing in another way. In the semi-final of PGL Major Krakow against Astralis on the map de_train, Gambit started to lose their playing advantage and to lose every lap, so Zeus concentrated and told his teammates what exactly to do on the next lap. A team precisely carried out the instructions, coped with dupreeh in «top-down», changed the passage of semi-final and won a critically important third map. Zeus is the unique player in Counter-Strike from Commonwealth of Independent States who managed to win WCG, ESWC and IEM in CS 1.6, and also Major in CS:GO!

Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo (SK Gaming, Brazil, 26 years old)

Of course, our top list of the best captains in the CS:GO world should include Gabriel Toledo, the leader of Brazilian team called SK Gaming. FalleN, as Zeus, has been playing Counter-Strike for a long time, but his career in Counter-Strike 1.6 was much less successful. Gabriel played for the best country teams and took participation in the international tournaments, but he did not win anything considerable in CS 1.6. His first serious success happened with CS:GO game. Being the player of Luminosity team, FalleN won a range of tournaments like main MLG Columbus in CS:GO Major status. A little bit later, Brazilian players have changed the organization and joined SK Gaming, the legendary German club,  that they have been presenting till now.  

Fallen SK captain

It is very difficult to be a captain in CS:GO, but it is even more difficult to be a captain of the team and the main AWP sniper at the same time. Actually, only Gabriel Toledo can act correctly on the professional CS:GO platform with AWP and to coordinate the game of his team at the highest level simultaneously. Do you know some significant players who act the same at this moment? I don't. FalleN perfectly knows the abilities and skills of his players and their attitude of mind for each specific tournament, so he can switch speeds extremely professionally.

SK Gaming may play as they want. They can play under tactics and simultaneous locations, or they can just run across the map, using their individual high skills. FalleN trusts his teammates, but at the same time, he guides them in a useful direction if they have any problems during the game. Nowadays, SK Gaming possesses the first place in the top rating worldwide, and be sure that it is not an accident because these Brazilian players have everything to prevail. They have extremely strong individual games with a huge motivation to win and great experience of different tournaments, coordination, and mutual understanding. The most important component of their team is for sure their competent and strong leader. Probably, this is the perfect Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team.


Author: Rostyslav "Andersen" Grubi  


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