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3 of the best DOTA players in the world

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 Since 2003, DOTA has been a game that has garnered serious attention. The strategies involved to become a success mean that it has become highly competitive and that it makes the perfect eSport. It is fair to say that its popularity is on par with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) in terms of the number of fans. It is not just about watching or playing the games. Many are so into these that they choose to bet on GSGO & DOTA esports to add to the excitement. Something that has been fairly unique about DOTA as an eSport is that it is more about individual players than teams. Teams and companies seem to come and go relatively quickly and so fans have become more attached to the players themselves. We’re going to look at three of the best DOTA players around.

Danil “Dendi” Ishutin

Despite what we’ve just said about teams, Dendi is someone who bucks the trend. Even with his phenomenal success, he remained loyal to the team that gave him his big break. He stayed there for some 8 years before taking a break from the DOTA scene altogether. When he did return, he came back with a team of his own making called B8. Dendi is widely regarded as the first real superstar of the DOTA 2 scene. He won Valve’s first International and the twenty onto the Grand Finals of T12 and T13. He is renowned for the speed of his fingers and fans have always loved his style of play. Aside from the game itself, Dendi has also shown himself to be a great entertainer and someone who can really work a crowd. This makes him somewhat unique when compared to other gamers in eSports.

Kuro “Kuroky” Takhasomi

What Kuroky brought to DOTA was consistency. Over a 10 year career, he has been a player that can be relied upon to be at every tournament and to perform well whilst there. Unlike Dendi, Kuroky wasn’t about the crowds and the fanfare. Quite the opposite, he actually did all that he could to avoid the limelight and just get on with what he was good at - playing DOTA. Not only is Kuroky a great player himself but he also recognises talent in others. That is why he makes such a great leader with Team Squid. It was Kuroky that identified and nurtured the talent that made up this team. A team that went on and won T17. The documentary, True Sight, gave us all a glimpse into what makes Kuroky tick and the skills that he used to lead his team to a $10.8 million win. An all-around great, Kuroky is one of the most respected players that can be found on the DOTA scene.

Johan “N0tail” Sundstein

N0tail is a name that needs no introduction in the world of eSports. He has a natural charisma that made him a favourite with fans from the very start. He even fitted in with all of his competitors and left everyone wishing that he was part of their team. He was the friend that everyone wanted. That aside, he was also an amazing player when it came to DOTA. N0tail and team OG became the dominant force in DOTA and went on to win a remarkable four out of five Valve Majors. N0tail is still busy within the DOTA scene and is now the leader of a new OG team. This is a team who has a lot to live up to with the old team having won two Tis. The quest for a third is sure to be tough but with N0tail at the fore, the odds must be in their favour.

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  • Last Update 28 May 2023
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