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CS:GOPedia/Blog/eSports/Best Streamers in CS:GO: Part II

Best Streamers in CS:GO: Part II

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Hello! We continue to tell you about the most popular streamers in Counter-Strike:Global Offensive. The first part of our series was devoted to the five worldwide famous streamers ( s1mple, summit1g, fREAKAZOiD, shroud, pashaBiceps), who are current professional players or players who have played CS:GO professionally in past. You will meet several former "pros" in the second part of our article, but we will also talk about CS:GO streamers who create only entertaining content and have no direct relationship to eSports.

Mohamad "m0E" Assad (USA)

moE streamer CS:GO

Mohamad is the famous American CS:GO streamer of Arab (Palestinian) origin. In the mid of 2000s, m0E has professionally played Counter-Strike:Source for a number of third echelon American teams. However, this fact did not make him popular, rather it was his personal streams, which he produced dating all the way back to 2012.

m0E is also well known and loved by spectators for broadcasting his games on various gambling sites, where Mohamad won and lost quite big amounts of money sharing his emotions with public. M0E streams are funny. He often tells funny stories with a bunch of ​​game highlights and regular games with professional American CS:GO and PUBG players.

Sam "DaZeD" Marine (USA)

DaZed streamer csgo

DaZeD is another former professional American Counter-Strike:Global Offensive player who became now the streamer and eSports analyst. DaZeD was the member of iBUYPOWER legendary team. The players of this team were banned by Valve in past for participating in match fixing. You might also know that DaZeD and another player, swag, have been recently unbanned. However, many people in the eSports community have met this news with a wave of criticism towards the Valve Company.

Streams from DaZeD are the play on the high rank ESEA level with other well-known players from the USA and Europe. Sam also has his own channel on YouTube, where he regularly uploads the best moments from his streams and analyzes CS:GO innovations. For example, Sam recently released a video where he shared his thoughts on the updated de_dust2. By the way, DaZeD has been playing with m0E in most of his streams and it positively affects on the view numbers of both streamers.

Arseniy "ceh9" Trynozhenko (Ukraine)

ceh9 streamer CS:GO

This is the first outstanding Russian-speaking CS:GO streamer in our top ten CS:GO streamers. Arseniy is a former pro player and multiple world champion in Counter-Strike 1.6 playing for the legendary Natus Vincere team. After his long-lasting eSports career, ceh9 requalified as a streamer and commentator, working first in Storm Studio, and then later joined the RuHub Studio. At this moment he also became the assistant head coach for the  pro100Ukrainian CS:GO team.

In his streams, Arseniy mostly plays CS:GO and PUBG (lately), but previously ceh9 also often played various high-profile novelties, like games from the Call of Duty and Battlefield series. His streams are very positive and have a purely entertaining character. ceh9 amuses spectators with various jokes and gags telling funny stories from his life.

Jason "JasonR" Ruchelski (Canada)

jasonR is the young star in the world of professional CS:GO community. This 23-year old player famous for his quick and agile reflexes. He knows how to stay cool even if game situation is really tough. But if he rages you should better lower the volume of your headphones :) You may know that twitch users love to make the highlights with him and share them on Reddit. Many young CS:GO players feel inspired by him due to his young age, making him an idol among them.

His channel is very rounded and well balanced since he focuses a lot on other games as well.

AnomalyXd (Sweden) and SovietWomble (England)

Last but not least, we will tell you about two popular CS:GO streamers who have never played Counter-Strike professionally but became known only for their streams. It is noteworthy that, despite AnomalyXd and SovietWomble having hundreds of thousands of subscribers, only a few viewers know the real names of these players.

More bizarre player in this tandem is AnomalyXd, who tries to match his nickname and often streams CS:GO in a mask, hiding his face. AnomalyXd also has his own YouTube channel, where he uploads a lot of videos with his father. Streams of the Swedish guy are very funny! AnomalyXd entertains the audience, plays on gambling sites and also analyzes the latest CS:GO innovations. As for SovietWomble, he basically doesn't differ from his colleague – except that he does not stream in a mask!

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Rostyslav "Andersen" Grubi

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  • Last Update 29 November 2022
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